BURDDY - commercial short
3d Commercial Short - Making of included
WIP : Out of the box
Creature creation in Blender based on fantastic Creaturebox concepts
The Cliff Tower - BLENDER 3D full course
New full lengh Blender 3D course released
Creature 3D concept
Daniel Craig - Portrait
Daniel Craig likeness portrait attempt.
P2DESIGN - Demo reel 2016
P2DESIGN - Pierrick PICAUT demo reel 2016
The Goat Sorcerer - Character showcase
Character sculpting, modeling and a little showcase animation based on Daniel Lustosa fantastic concept.
The Bird
3D character creation from concept
Viktor portrait
Likeness 3D portrait of VIKTOR from Underworld movie
USB-LUXE product design and visualisation
Road Pad infographic
Jack Russell Course
Full character creation course for Blender3D
CIA - character production
Full characters production. Commissioned work.
EVENT HORIZON - miniature modeling and illustrations
3D modeling and artworks to promote the EVENT Horizon Kickstarter campain
Avatar evolution
Avatar creation and full animation production as a part of an evolving UI project for
The Throne
WIP : The Throne, short movie project.
Delaware St. John - Environement
I've been hired to create all environement for Delaware St. Johns forth episode. Long term thrilling project.
Carlo's friend
Cartoonish style characters
PIXIKA's product visualisation
Product visualisation for PIXIKA's 2015 catalog.
OpenGL Bike workshop
Pepe demo is a realtime 3D bike customisation website. Allowing you to create your own bike and order it. (this is a demo, these products don't exist)
The small won't eat the big
A long project I've made to study a way to create dynamic muscular deformation in blender.
A little artwork I've made for my niece birthday.
Architectural visualisation
Office partitions visualisation.
Pirate Pig
Illustration made for a friend son. He loves the Pirate pigs and it inspired me. Done in Blender 3D.
New Spider model for incoming game PiewFighter. All design and modeling from scratch. Mat painting done with like 25 phtographies and a lot of painting. This one will serve the promotional teasers on the way.
Here is the full teaser and making of the Oula-Oula Journey, our new iOS game!
Pixika Product visualisation
3D based illustration to promote Pixika's products.
Here a short making of our first Oula-Oula app. From concept, to app and teaser release.
PIEWFIGHTER crowdfunding campain
We are 3 people on this project to make all the design, development and marketing. We’ve launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campain at : We’re now trying to raise fund to be able to pay the UNITY3D licences for multiple plateform and also all side communication issues. If you like what you see and believe in this project, do not hesitate to share and participate on facebook, tweeter and indiegogo. Cheers!
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