Here is a project I've worked on for long hours.
My very first full course on how to create a fully rigged and ready for rendering character in Blender3D from a simple cube.

This course includes the full workflow (over 12 hours of video) and all the source files and blend files for each chapter.
- Base mesh creation
- Dynamic topology sculpting
- Retopology
- UVmaps creation
- Sculpt pass
- Textures baking
- Textures painting
- Shadding
- Fur creation and shadding
- Rigging (advanced rig creation)
- Bones custom shapes
- Corrective shape keys and drivers
"The kind of tutorial we all are waiting for [...] This tutorial is a must have for every Blenderello."
 Karel Van Tornhaut
Here is the announcement trailer
Here is the first trailer
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