Here is a project I've made for my family.
We're planning a big party gathering all the cousins in Brassempouy.
A small town known for its famous prehistorical female sculpture.
Our host is a farmer breeding a big  Ostrich cattle.
The matter was just to make an invitation and a short program.
I decided it would be a good exercise.
Here is the greeting card : 
The south west region of France is well known for its local products.
I wanted a retro and warm style.
Here is the program :
all elements were 3D made in Blender and postproduction was made in Photoshop.
Here are the items :
It also helped me to evaluate my workflow and speed to be able to make the best offer to an eventual professional project. 
...around 30 hours work from scratches.
The family tree.
Also 3D made and then reworked to give it a hand draw made feeling.
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