BURDDY - commercial short
3d Commercial Short - Making of included
WIP : Out of the box
Creature creation in Blender based on fantastic Creaturebox concepts
The Cliff Tower - BLENDER 3D full course
New full lengh Blender 3D course released
TUTORIAL : PBR material creation in Blender
PBR textures and material creation tutorial within blender
Stylised tileable Rock maps tutorial
Learn how to create stylised tileable textures using blender and photoshop
The Goat Sorcerer - Character showcase
Character sculpting, modeling and a little showcase animation based on Daniel Lustosa fantastic concept.
The Bird
3D character creation from concept
Viktor portrait
Likeness 3D portrait of VIKTOR from Underworld movie
Jack Russell Course
Full character creation course for Blender3D
Akuma's like necklace - Tutorial serie
A beginner tutorial serie to create a bead necklace alike AKUMA's one
Baking HDR from a 3D environement TUTORIAL
Learn how to bake a 3D environement into an HDR image
Normal and Bump map tutorial in Blender CYCLES
Blender 3D tutorial on how to use normal and bump maps
P2DESIGN tutorial Z pass
How to output the Z pass in Blender.
The THRONE - Tutorial collection
A under development collection of tutorial for Blender character designers.
Zbrush and Blender GoB addon tips
PDF including tips and tricks to use the GoB addon for Blender and Zbrush
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